Cleaning of mattresses:

Is the house really clean after hours of cleaning? Dust mites are hidden in the most unthinkable and difficult to reach places, for this reason, most of the time they happily remain trapped in our homes, causing breathing difficulties and even allergies. How to ensure deep cleaning in domestic environments?

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The dust: it hides but there is:

We are all aware of the existence of dust, but it is not always easy to define it. The dust is made up of the set of very small fragments of substances that break down from everything that is present in the environment.

At the domestic level, in particular, the dust can be composed of the residues of earth stuck between the cracks of the soles of our shoes, hair or ground hair, even of animals, small crumbs of food, human cells, molds, and substances produced by mites.

Mite allergy: symptoms and characteristics:

Lately, those with allergic symptoms, even those of a mild nature, are significantly increasing. The dust mite is the most widespread allergy in western countries and is able to develop breathing problems such as asthma. Mites can also promote the appearance of various other types of pollen or animal allergies, especially in children.

The so-called allergens, the substances that cause allergy, are present in the secretions produced by the mites and are mixed with the rest of the dust present throughout the house, particularly in the pillows and mattresses.

These hidden substances can be easily inhaled, causing problems of varying intensity related to breathing but also to manifestations. The main symptoms that can occur resemble those caused by a common cold, such as continuous sneezing, dry cough, nasal congestion, sense of chest tightness with consequent difficulty in breathing. But that’s not all: dust mite allergy can manifest itself with sleep disturbances caused by coughing or difficulty breathing, skin redness and itching of the scalp, up to eye swelling and sensitivity to light.

How to eliminate mites?

The excessive humidity and the high temperatures of the domestic spaces are fertile ground for the proliferation of mites and molds. There are many solutions to eliminate them in a simple and natural way. Mites love to live in damp environments, with little light and where they can easily find their nutrients.